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Parent & Professional Testimonials

“You do fabulous work – it is a well earned recommendation. You have helped so many of the people I work with.”

Katherine Paxton

Counselling Professional

“When my daughter advanced to her next level in the program, she said: ‘Daddy, I love this!'”

Eric Van Zant


“I wanted to let you know about what we’ve seen since Lauren began Fast Forward – she has actually WANTED to read with us. We’ve never pushed her, and suddenly she is beginning to want to read!!!!! I want to cry for the joy!!!!


Kelly Muir

Assistant Manager, Residence Life Vancouver Island University Student Residences

“Our 18-year-old son was able to follow a family tree last night for the first time ever!”

Eileen Bennison


“When our son was in grade one, we were told that he would likely need intensive English tutoring and that it would take him several years to catch up to his peers in reading. He had grown discouraged labeling himself as a “bad reader” and that he “just couldn’t do it.”

Marlene introduced our family to the Fast ForWord learning program. The results have been nothing short of spectacular.  Only one year later, the school tested him again.  This time, he was on par with his peers. Our son now regards himself as a “good reader” and spends hours on the sofa reading his books.”

“My daughter was diagnosed with a serious learning challenge in grade one. Although she had been hiding her struggles, she had started to believe she was ‘stupid’ and not as capable as the other children. We were able to put a program in place that changed her life. Although the computer program we needed was expensive, I can honestly say that I have never spent any money on anything better.

Our daughter went from having challenges with reading to being years ahead of her grade level and in love with reading.”

“Thank you for your time and effort in our daughter’s learning. I actually think now that I would not define her as dyslexic anymore. I’m sure the Fast ForWord program helped in changing her skills level.

Janet Cardiff

“My son Hayden has been using the Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant programs for the last year. He was really struggling with his reading and his confidence in himself was quite low. Consequently, his behaviour at home and school was also difficult.

It was a lot for him at first to willingly do 30 minutes a day outside of school, but he quickly caught on to the games. The rewards built into the games were very appealing to him, and I was impressed with how the program was set up. Pretty soon he was excited to tell me about his progress in each of the games. Within 6 months he was reading at Grade level in school.

It was hard work on Hayden’s part, and it did take up evening time for myself as well, but it has paid off in so many ways! We have seen Hayden’s confidence grow and he is now excited about reading. His teachers at school have seen a huge improvement in his behaviour and his school work. He is happy to go to school, when a year ago there were many tears and resistance.

I can tell Hayden is even proud of himself and we are so thrilled with his progress! Thank you Marlene for all your support and advice along the way!”


“Marlene has worked with my 3 children in succession during the last 12 years. She is skillful in adapting her approach to the different needs and personalities of each child.  Her warm, gentle, and positive style has resulted in lasting changes in their speech and language. I would highly recommend Marlene!”

Dr. Ingrid Friesen

“Our students who use Reading Assistant have long histories of reading challenges. They desperately want to be readers, but they’re very anxious and uncertain. We use Reading Assistant to get these students on the road to effective fluency and comprehension. Once they’re on that road, they start to change quite rapidly.

The great thing about Reading Assistant is that it gives students a boost in self-esteem, which helps them realize that they can be successful readers.”

Sandra Collins

Surrey School District, BC

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